Fortnite – How to Collect Resources For Ammo & Weapons

Playing Fortnite means gathering resources and upgrading various tools during the game. Here is how to Collect everything you need.


Resource gathering is a vital part of Fortnite and you will require plenty of materials to build ammo, craft weapons, and evolve heroes. Additionally, there are regular and rare resources. This guide covers material locations and resource types you will get when you are in battle. Resource gathering and fighting both go hand in hand. The game demands regular exploration to find items you can use effectively to win a match, other than just killing Zombies.

Which Are The Main Resource Items To Collect in Fortnite

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In Fortnite, there are three main items to gather on which many things rely. They are wood, metal, and stone. These resources are used in construction, crafting weapons, evolving heroes, and creating ammo. You can find them randomly at many places depending on the location.

There are various items under each type of resource. Wood includes wooden planks and logs. Metal Includes bolts, nuts, steel, metal rods, and gear. Stone includes bricks and rocks. Each item is important because every upgrade has different material requirements.

Where To Find Resources in Fortnite

Depending on the area in Fortnite, resource availability rises. For example, in the forest, you get more wood and in industrial areas, it is easy to get metals. To speed things up, search the houses in cities, you can break down machines, and cards to get metal. Additionally, the forest provides plenty of wood. Players will also want to search any bushes, as items can be hidden in the leaves. Below are a few other ways to collect resources while playing Fortnite.

  • Break Items and Explore Boxes
  • Task Rewards
  • Treasure Chests
  • Side Quests

Play as Outlander in Fortnite to find Maximum Resources

Fornite Outlander Double Loot Description
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Players looking to specialize in gathering resources should consider playing an Outlander in Fortnite. While squishy when thrown in combat, Outlanders can amass resources for crafting quickly, and have a boosted chance of locating double loot. Players who select the Outlander will need to make sure they have someone to cover them during a match.