Fortnite – How To Find Your Account Worth

While it is not advised to do so, some Fortnite players may want to know the value of their accounts, and what they could sell them for.

Fortnite is one of many titles known for its rare skins, battle pass formula, and iconic gameplay. Part of what makes Fortnite so unique is the exclusive skins and other cosmetic items that Epic Games has managed to wrangle for the IP over the years. Every collaboration, whether in a Battle Pass type system or not, can bring value to accounts on an individual level. Part of the Battle Pass appeal is that they’re all limited time events. If you don’t get the skins while you see them, they’re simply lost forever to you.

Because so many Battle Passes have happened over the years, therefore making a ton of skins exclusive. Some players opt to sell their accounts for a profit, making decent money off of skins otherwise unavailable to new players. It’s especially lucrative considering there are some skins out there that are worth thousands of dollars. If you want to know what the value of your Fortnite account is to a collector, there are ways to estimate the value. However, keep in mind that the buying and selling of accounts is strictly against Fortnite’s terms and conditions.

How To Check Your Fortnite Account’s Worth

Image via Epic Games

Checking the monetary worth of your Fortnite account is actually surprisingly simple. While there’s no automatic process for doing so, since the act is against Fortnite’s terms, there are independent websites that allow you to not only track what you have in your Locker, but make a custom Wishlist to keep an eye out for skins and other cosmetics that you want to check off your list.

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Fortnite GG is a website that allows you to organize everything related to Fortnite. What you want on your account, what you already have, and most importantly for the above question, what all of your cosmetics are worth in V-Bucks. To learn the value of your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the website in your browser.
  2. Sign up with an account to get the most out of the website.
  3. Add every cosmetic that you have to your Wishlist on Fortnite GG.

It’s a time consuming process, for sure. This is why we recommend you do it little by little. Once you do this, you’ll be able to see how much your Locker is worth in V-Bucks, which can translate to whatever currency you use to give you a rough estimate of what your Fortnite account is worth.

One noteworthy thing to keep in mind concerning Fortnite GG is that it does not account for the rarity of items based on the fact that they’re in a Battle Pass. It will total what the skin’s value is in V-Bucks, but not for any rarity that it obtains from being actually rare. This means that whatever total you get, it can vary in reality entirely depending on if you have some rare skins or not.