Fortnite: How to Easily Farm Gold Using Job Boards

If you have to take out the player anyway, you might as well get some Gold for it.

Image via Epic Games

Image via Epic Games

While you may have been familiar with Bounty Hunting in Fortnite before, things have changed since you last hopped online. The method of gold farming is nothing new, but the way that Job Boards work, including the name of the structure, is. At first, the Job Board used to be nothing but bounty stations, allowing you to locate and target a fellow player on the island, and take them out for profit. Now you can do that, but also so much more. Here’s how to successfully use the Job Board in Fortnite.

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Where To Find Job Boards in Fortnite

Image via FortniteGG Interactive Map

Job Boards are structures set up all over the map. You’ll often find them near other structures, so keep a lookout when you enter more populated zones. If you want to go to places that are a little more out of the way and less populated, like Rumble Ruins, just make peace with the fact that you may not run into any Job Boards until the late game. If you want plenty of Gold, you’ll have to take some degree of risk while dropping in, choosing to go to any zone that has a fair number of people.

The good part about Job Boards being where they are is that they’re near populated zones, which means that when you take a bounty, you’re right near your target. That means you can potentially bag multiple bounties per game, raking in Gold with kills that you would have naturally accumulated anyway. No matter where you land, the Job Boards are laid out in such a manner that you’ll eventually run into one if you just play naturally.

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How To Use Job Boards in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

Image via Epic Games

Unlike the Job Boards of the past, these now have three options. Similar to the ones of the past though, you can still only take one job per board. Some of the requests are easier than taking someone down, this means that everyone can use the Job Board to benefit. If you feel you aren’t on your A game for taking down opponents, try some other ones. Here are the jobs you’ll commonly find on boards throughout your game:

  • Search chests during the match.
  • Visit locations during the match.
  • Eliminate enemy player during this match.

If you happen to finish one job, you can always return to the same board to finish the rest, if you want to. There is a time limit, one that appears on your screen as soon as you take the job. Oddly enough, the hardest task to accomplish can end up being searching through chests. Since players are after them, finding unopened chests can be difficult, and fighting for them is even more so.