Where To Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures In Fortnite (Season 8 Week 9)

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One of Fortnite’s new Weekly Challenges is to dance between three ice sculptures! Everyone in Fortnite should know how to dance at this point, so I guess all you really need to know is where to go to dance between three ice sculptures.

Where To Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

To find where to dance between three ice sculptures, you want to head for the snow biome! Not really all that much of a surprise there, I reckon. You can check the red marker on the map above to find out exactly where they are. The sport you are looking for is just below Polar Peak and will take the form of a circle of trees with the three ice sculptures in the middle.

Just load into a match, hope out of the bus whenever suits you and float on down to them, it should be very easy to spot them from the air. When you get there, just bust a move, and the Challenge will be complete!

Now, do be careful, as the Challenges just launched there are a lot of people going for this one so that it might be a little busy. There also seems to be a high likelihood of a chest spawning there, and a weapon, so somebody is going to start shooting. As such, it is best to just focus on getting the Challenge complete and then getting out of Dodge!

This will open the next stage of the Challenge, which wants you to dance between three dinosaurs! Be sure to check out our guide to help you find them.