Where To Dance Between Three Dinosaurs In Fortnite (Season 8 Week 9)

Dance Between Three Dinosaurs

The new Fortnite Weekly challenges are here, and one of them is asking that you dance between three dinosaurs. You need to have already danced between three ice sculptures to get access to this Challenge, so make sure you have that one done already.

Where To Dance Between Three Dinosaurs

Dance Between Three Dinosaurs

To find where to dance between three dinosaurs you want to head for Paradise Palms. You are aiming for the big bend in the road to the south of it. Just hop out of the bus whenever you like, and float on down to them. It should be pretty easy to see them from the air, but we have the area marked on the map above.

Now, once again as the Challenges have just launched a lot of people are trying to get this done, so the area is going to be extra dangerous. Focus on just getting in, do your dance between three dinosaurs, and then get out again as quick as you can! This is stage two of the overall Challenge, and once it is done, you will have to find four hotsprings to dance between.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find where to dance between three dinosaurs so you can get this Challenge wrapped up quickly.

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