Forza Horizon 5 Series 0 Playlist – How to get all cars, challenges, and more

The first playlist for FH5.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Forza Horizon 5 goes live for most players on November 9, and Premium Edition buyers can get started four days early. Both sets of users will be able to work on the first seasonal playlist of the title, entitled Series 0. Series 0 is set in the Spring, and up for grabs this week are two epic, hard to find cars, as well as additional rewards. Let’s take a look at this week’s challenges, plus the rewards.

All Forza Horizon 5 Series 0 playlist challenges

Here’s a look at the challenges for this week.

#Forzathaon Weekly Challenges

  • Own and drive 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z
  • Earn 9 total stars from Drift Zones in Fairlady Z
  • Earn 5 Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills in Fairlady Z
  • Accrue 500,000 Skill Points in Fairlady Z

Complete all four, and you will get five points.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges

  • Earn 3 Clean Racing Skills
  • Complete a Horizon Open event
  • Earn 5 starts from PR stunts in any Lamborghini
  • Win a Drag Race in Modern Sports Car
  • Smash 5 Phonebooths
  • Send a Gift Drop to another player
  • Earn 12 stars in total from any PR stunt in a truck

Players will receive one point for each one completed.

Weekly Race Challenges

  • Participate in Horizon Arcade (reward is 3 pts.)
  • Participate in Weekly Seasonal Playground Games (reward is Porsche Macan RR and 3pts.)
  • Danger Sign – Get at least 820.2 ft. at Danger Sign near Las Dunas Cross Country Event (rewards are Wheelspins and 2 pts.)
  • Speed Trap – Hit at least 195 MPH at Trap near La Cabana house (rewards are Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Speed Zone – Average at least 92 MPH at zone near Cascadas de Agua Azul (rewards are Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Win the Descansar Dorado Sprint Seasonal Championship (restriction is A/800 – Super Saloons) (rewards are 5 pts. and Mercedes AMG-E63)
  • Horizon Tour Co-Op Championship (rewards are 3 pts.)

Weekly Challenges

  • Photo Challenge – Photograph any Modern Sports Car at Star 27’s Mural in Mulege (rewards are Forza Link and 2 pts.)
  • Horizon Open – Earn five clean racing skills in Horizon Open Racing (rewards are 25,000 CR and 2 pts.)
  • The Eliminator – Finish 30th or better in an event (rewards are Forza Link and 2 pts.)

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Monthly Rewards

  • Horizon Baja Scramble – Post a clean lap in Versus (Online) to complete (reward is 4 pts.)

16 points are needed for the 2018 Alpine A110. 26 points are for the Honda NSX-R GT.

This set of challenges will expire on November 11.