How To Get Free Platinum In Warframe (10 Best Strategies)

No game’s ever made me crave those shiny, metal capsules like Warframe does for free Platinum.

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Everyone’s hunting for Warframe’s premium currency, Platinum. DE claims it’s a free-to-play game, and I buy it, but let’s face it: the game kicks into high gear when you spend some money.

Warframe’s economy is diverse; you’ll be spending credits, Endos, Ayas, Ducats, and so on. But perhaps its most sought-after currency is Platinum. After all, it’s the direct ticket to snagging new items without the endless wait times of Foundry crafting. The words “premium currency” might give you the impression that the only way to acquire them is through real money spending, but that’s not the case. There are several ways to get Platinum for free, and I’ve rounded up the top 10 methods just for you in this piece.

1. Get Free Platinum in Warframe Through Content Creator Giveaways

Free Platinum in Warframe
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Warframe has a vibrant community of content creators who frequently host giveaways. A simple retweet, like, or even joining a Twitch session might land you some free Platinum.

Keep an eye on platforms like X (former Twitter), where creators often share opportunities to win Platinum and other valuable items. 

2. Earn Free Platinum by Winning Warframe Content Creator Contests

Get Free Platinum in Warframe
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Winning a giveaway is great, but earning Platinum by being the winner of a contest is even better. Warframe content creators who organize contests and events that’ll often include free Platinum as a reward.

Warframe allows for a ton of character customization, and if you’re into that, this might be your chance to shine.

3. Participate in Official Warframe Giveaways to Get Free Platinum

Earn Free Platinum in Warframe
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Periodically, Warframe itself takes charge and holds official giveaways tied to events or partnerships. For instance, an ongoing partnership between PlayStation and Warframe, The Nightwatch Collection, will grant you 100 Platinum for free. 

You can stay up to date about the latest Warframe news on Twitter to capitalize on these opportunities. Some giveaways may even reward Platinum directly to participants.

4. Watch Warframe Livestreams To Receive Platinum

Platinum for free Warframe
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Digital Entertainment gives away free Platinum during specific streams on Twitch. Just make sure you’re watching the official Warframe Twitch channel and not a fanmade one.

5. Trade Items for Free Platinum in Warframe

Trading is the best way to get Platinum for free in Warframe, but it’s limited to one per day in the early game. 

Most people trade through the Trading Chat, where you should keep an eye out for buyers or spam the items you’re selling for Platinum. Alternatively, you can also trade in Relays, Clan Dojos, or leverage external platforms like Warframe Market.

There’s a third increasingly popular way to trade in Warframe through Warframe Market, a website not linked to Digital Extremes that you should use at your own risk.

5.1 Best Riven Mods to Trade in Warframe for Free Platinum

Best Riven Mods to Sell Warframe
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Riven mods are one of the most lucrative trading opportunities in Warframe. Chances are, if you’ve got a Riven mod to spare, you’ll be making some free platinum in no time. Certain riven mods are hot commodities, especially those tailored for weapons used in Eidolon hunting, like the Lanka and Rubico.

5.2 Best Arcane to Trade in Warframe for Free Platinum

Best Arcane to Trade Warframe
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Arcanes can be acquired from various open-world activities and are also a lucrative source of free Platinum. Focus on farming high-demand arcanes like Arcane Grace and trade them on the market. The rarer these items are, and the more utility drive they hold, the higher the value of these items.

5.3 Trade Resources in Warframe for Free Platinum

alternative ways to get free platinum Warframe
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Sometimes, veteran players don’t feel like farming stuff that belongs to earlier stages of the game. That’s when you step in. Anything tradable can become a source of Platinum. Consider selling Ayatan stars, sculptures, or other resources. A keen eye on market trends will help you identify items in demand, turning your surplus into valuable Platinum currency.

5.4 Trade Prime Sets in Warframe for Free Platinum

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If you stay updated with new Prime releases, you’ll know which are in high demand. Then, you can sell prime blueprints or relics at launch for higher profits. You could also hold on to relics as they cycle in and out of demand to sell them later.

Don’t sell every prime you have, though. Start by collecting a set of each for yourself, and then move on to sell the extra parts you can get for extra free Platinum.

5.5 Trade Arbitration and Limited-Event Loot for Free Platinum

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Once you’ve conquered the star chart, you unlock Arbitrations – intense, timed missions that reward Vitus essence, a unique currency usable in the arbitration shop at any relay. To turn this currency into Platinum, spend your vitus essence wisely and trade the items for free Platinum.

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Besides Arbitration, there are also limited-time events. These events offer exclusive currencies to buy unique items from event shops. Prices may dip during the event but skyrocket once it ends. These are gold mines for rare items you can later sell for free Platinum.