Full Disclosure gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – where to find Sandra’s databank

Don’t be nosey.

One of the many gigs you can do in Cyberpunk 2077 is Full Disclosure. Early in the game you save a woman from a gang of Skavs, and she will get in touch later to ask if you can help retrieve a datapad that was lost during the encounter.

Follow the waypoint to the Skav’s building, then consider your options for getting inside. There are things you can hack and doors that you can leverage. Our character is turning into something of a bulldog, so we just kicked in the front door, took out the first guard with a neck snap, and then broke out the irons.

There are quite a few enemies in the building, but no serious threats, so you can mow them all down pretty easily. Be sure to loot the building fully, as there is some good stuff to be found in there.

Now, you can find Sarah’s Datapad on the ground floor, sitting on top of a locker near a chair, and a wall with some posters on it. Grab it, then ring Sarah. She will ask you to meet at her apartment.

Drive over there and head up in the elevator. Knock on the door, and now it is time to start being careful. Sarah is very jumpy about something and has a massive ceiling turret in her house, so you don’t want her to get freaked out.

Chat with her, show concern, and give her the datapad. She will give you a little extra for not looking at the details of what is on it.