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Genshin Impact – A Single Harmony for an Irreplaceable Soul quest guide

The search for the mysterious woman continues.

The Lantern Rite is in full swing, but the Traveler and Paimon have other things to do as well. The search for the mysterious woman from Dvorak’s story continues, and it’s time to compare notes with Ganyu to see who’s managed to dig anything up. Let’s get to it.

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Wait until the appointed time, then head to Yujing Terrace

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You’ll need to wait a little bit after the completion of “A Thousand Miles for an Enigmatic Tune” before meeting with Ganyu again — two in-game days, to be precise. Either go off and find some way to pass away the time, or simply use the Clock Menu to make the hours speed past. Return to Yujing Terrace between 8 and 10 in the morning to share your intel with Ganyu.

Ganyu figures that the mysterious woman from Dvorak’s story must have been an adeptus, but beyond that not much is known. She recommends heading to Mt. Aocang to talk to Cloud Retainer, who might be able to shed some light on the matter, so that’s your next destination.

Head to Mt. Aocang

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Once you reach the shore of the little lake near Cloud Retainer’s abode, you’ll find the place deserted. At a loss as to what to do in the absence of the adeptus herself, Paimon suggests a novel idea — since the woman from Dvorak’s story came to the rescue of a drowning man, why not pretend to be at peril yourself in the middle of the lake?

Swim to the center of the pool and wait for Paimon to cry out for help. In a flash, you’ll be hoisted out of the pool by Shenhe and Xiao, but neither of them fits the bill for the mysterious woman from the tale. However, Shenhe mentions that there’s a spot where she hears music every day.

Follow Shenhe to her cultivation place

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The spot Shenhe leads you to is slightly northeast of Mt Aocang, not far from the “Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern” Artifact domain. Head there to find that this is, unfortunately, another dead end — to Shenhe, “music” is simply the sounds of the surrounding nature, rather than something pertinent to your search. Still, it gives the Traveler a chance to reminisce with Shenhe and Ganyu for a moment, before Cloud Retainer appears. Having received your message, the adeptus suspects she might know the identity of the mystery woman.

Head to the designated location

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Cloud Retainer will lead you southeast, to the eastern edge of the Guili Plains. Here, she reveals to you that the likely identity of the mysterious woman from Dvorak’s story is the adeptus Streetward Rambler, also known as Madame Ping. Tragically, the circumstances around the event are intricately tied to the death of her friend and fellow adeptus Guizhong in the Archon War, but the Traveler resolves to speak to her about the matter nevertheless.

Return to Liyue Harbor and talk to Madame Ping

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Make your way back to Liyue Harbor and seek out Madame Ping. She confirms Cloud Retainer’s suspicions and muses briefly on the nature of grief and loss. With your detective work done, it’s time to return to Dvorak and deliver the big reveal.

Dvorak can be found near the statue of Sea Gazer on the northern docks chatting with Keqing. He’s thrilled to finally have a name for the mysterious woman from his story, and resolves to speak to her and thank her after the music festival is done. With all that finished, the Traveler and Paimon finally remember their initial quest from a few days ago — collecting Nascent Bamboo Shoots for Zhongli. Whoops.

Go to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor

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Head over to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor to try and find Zhongli. He’s not there, but you will find Hu Tao, Xinyan, and Yun Jin practising for the music festival. Hu Tao mentions that Zhongli headed for Mt Hulao to have a meal with “some old friends,” and reminds you to be back in time for the festival and subsequent banquet.

Go to Mt Hulao

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Head to Mt Hulao and you’ll find Zhongli dining and reminiscing with his fellow adepti. After catching up with them — and getting some Bamboo Shoot Soup for your trouble — head back to Liyue Harbor to close out the quest and get your rewards.

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