Genshin Impact – A Toast to Victory quest guide

The Sumeru Archon quest ends here.

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The Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V – Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises will conclude with the finale of this emotional Archon Quest. We left off watching Nahida make a deal with Dottore after the downfall of Scaramouche, as the Dendro Archon gives up not just one but two Gnoses in exchange for some information. On our end, we’re just ready to relax.

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How to start the A Toast to Victory quest

To begin this quest, you’ll have needed to complete the preceding quest in the Archon Quest questline, Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies. This quest saw you fighting the deified Scaramouche, unlocking him for a Weekly Boss fight. After watching the remaining cutscenes, you wake up back at Collei’s place and decide to leave. Approach Collei at the marked location to initiate a conversation.

With the cleansing of Irminsul, those who have Eleazar have been cured, including Collei. While eating breakfast with Collei, she informs you that Nilou had stopped by to drop a letter. Nilou invites you to a banquet to celebrate the saving of Sumeru, and you’re the prized guests as the newly minted heroes of Sumeru.

After this, you’ll speak to Tighnari to inform him of your departure. Next, you’ll need to head to the Grand Bazaar where the celebration is located. When you’ve made your entrance, Nilou informs you that the other guests have not arrived yet. He says that they might have not even received their letters. You are tasked with tracking the other guests down to ensure they are aware of the party.

First, find out where Alhaitham is by heading to the Akademiya. He is supposedly at the House of Daena. Head over there, where you’ll find Alhaitham talking to a new character, Kaveh. Kaveh is Alhaitham’s roommate, introduced a bit late into the Archon Quest.

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Next, head to Port Ormos to find Dehya and Dunyarzad.

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The final stop is Aaru Village to find Cyno.

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Now head back to Nilou, and set your in-game clock two days later around 19:00 – 24:00. Once the feast begins, talk to the four party guests to continue. After the feast ends, you’ll have the chance to talk once again with Nahida in the Akademiya.

Here, you can ask Nahida some questions in the trademark final conversation with an Archon. It is here you can glean more information about Scaramouche, the next region Fontaine, or other arc-specific questions. Otherwise, continue the quest, and you will have finally completed the Sumeru Archon Quest.