Genshin Impact: Moonlight Seeker Guide Day 2 – Path of Gentle Breezes, all charm and chest locations

All the charms and chests you can find during the Moonlight Seeker event.

Searching for chests in Genshin Impact

The second-day events for the Moonchase Festival in Genshin Impact are available, and one of the more arduous tasks is collecting all of the Moonchase Charms and Chests in the Moonlight Seeker event. Travelers must find these objects that act like the Oculi and Chests found across Teyvat.

Unlike the first day, you don’t have to talk to Linyang to start the event. After entering the Moonlight Seeker menu, you can click the “Start Collecting” button located on the top-right of the screen. The area where the Charms and Chests are available will light up — this time, around Mondstadt.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Within the highlighted area is where you can find the Charms and Chests. Each Charm and Chest found contributes to a certain amount of exploration progress. Reach a certain threshold, and you’ll gain a reward. Meeting 100% exploration progress will reward you with a weapon enhancement material to refine the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

Here are the approximate locations of every charm you’ll find during the event. There are about 20 to find this time.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Next, here are all the approximate locations for the chests you’ll find. You’ll search for about 30 chests.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Note, this area is an incredibly rocky area, with tons of mountains surrounding you. Charms and Chests can be found at the side of cliffs, or by the water. An exploration character like Kazuha or Venti is highly recommended to make things easier.

You can get 200 Festival Fever as a reward during this event. Reach 1,000 Festival Fever to unlock the next part of the Moonchase Festival questline.