Genshin Impact: The Ancient Azure Stars – Mona domain guide

Follow the constellations.

Image via HoYoverse

The Ancient Azure Stars is Mona’s domain in the Golden Apple Archipelago’s Summertime Odyssey event. So far, we’ve ventured into domains exploring Kazuha‘s, Xinyan‘s, and Fischl‘s pasts, and now it’s Mona’s turn in the spotlight. After finishing Fischl’s Immernachtreich Apokalypse domain, you’ll have the chance to rendezvous with the rest of the group and enter Mona’s domain.

Mona’s object of interest is a pool of water, so you’ll be around this pool anytime you wish to enter the domain.

The Ancient Azure Stars first domain

The trick to this domain is the Starshadow Lamp mechanic. There will be two Asterism Shards you need to pick up and place inside the Starshadow Lamp. Each shard is inscribed with a different celestial pattern. Following this, the Starshadow Lamp will project this pattern onto the dome. You’ll use this information to solve puzzles.

  • Find the Asterism Shards and place them into the Starshadow Lamps, like so:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Head into the room that just opened. In this next puzzle, you’ll find the Star Guide mechanic. Here, when you attack a Star Guide, it will shoot a ray of light in a certain direction and link with other Star Guides. You can change the direction of each Star Guide to help it link up with different Star Guides. Your goal is to have the Star Guide match up with the constellation on the ceiling.
  • Here is the solution for the first Star Guide puzzle:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • A star will appear once you open the chest. Follow it out into the main room. It will dive into the pool. Follow it, complete the following minigame (follow the star through a maze, and complete a bullet-hell-like segment), and watch the cutscene.
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Ancient Azure Stars second domain

  • You will be ejected from the domain after completing the minigame. Back at the Golden Apple Archipelago, head to the marked location to find the Asterism Shard. After collecting the shard, return to the domain.
  • The next location you can unlock is on the very right. Insert the Asterism Shards you have in the following pattern:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Now, you can solve the next Star Guide puzzle like so (if you want to solve it on your own, there’s a button you can press which will eject a Star Seelie, showing you where the answer is):
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • A Star Seelie will eject from the Chest that appears. Follow it again into the main room. It will once again dive into the pool, and you must again follow it.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • In the next minigame, follow the Star Seelie until a constellation appears in the sky. You will notice that it is shaped like a maze, and you will also notice invisible walls around you. Use the constellation as a reference to navigate through the invisible walls. Follow the Star Seelie to the exit once you find your way out of the mage. You will then enter the Golden Apple Archipelago once again.

The Ancient Azure Stars third domain

  • Find the next Asterism Shard in the marked location on your map. After collecting it, return it to the domain.
  • Set up the Asterism Shards in the top right Starshadow Lamp like so:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Solve the Star Guide puzzle like so:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Follow the Star Guide back into the main room. It won’t go into the pool this time, but park itself in front of the fourth door. Insert the Asterism Shards in the nearby device like so:
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Solve the next Star Guide puzzle like so:
  • The stars will enter the pool. Follow the Star Seelie until you get to the point where you have to “Seize Destiny.” Here, catch a Star Seelie that flies around the map. Afterward, you’ll watch a cutscene and make it back onto the Golden Apple Archipelago, concluding Mona’s domain.
Screenshot by Gamepur