The best Xinyan build in Genshin Impact

Rock and Roll time.

Much like Razor, Xinyan is a great option for a focused physical damage DPS character. Armed with a Claymore, you can really pump up those damage numbers with the right weapons and artifacts.

Her Elemental Skill, Sweeping Fervor, will deal damage to surrounding enemies and also cause a shield that scales based on her DEF stats. The more enemies you hit, the better the shield you will form:

  • Hitting 1 enemy grants Shield Level 1: Ad Lib.
  • Hitting 2 enemies grants Shield Level 2: Lead-In.
  • Hitting 3 or more enemies grants Shield Level 3: Rave, which will also deal occasional Pyro DMG to nearby enemies.

Her Elemental Burst ability, Riff Revolution, will launch nearby enemies, doing physical damage to them, while also causing Pyro explosions that deal further damage.


  • The Show Goes On, Even Without an Audience – Decreases the number of enemies Sweeping Fervor must hit to trigger each level of shielding.
  • Now That’s Rock and Roll – Characters shielded by Sweeping Fervor deal 15% increased Physical damage.
  • A Rad Recipe – When perfect cooking is achieved on a defense-boosting dish, Xinyan has a 12% chance to obtain double the number of dishes.


1Fatal AccelerationUpon scoring a Crit hit, increases ATK SPD of Xinyan’s Normal and Charged Attacks by 12% for 5s. Can only occur once every 5s.
2Impromptu OpeningRiff Revolution Physical DMG has its Crit rate increased by 100%, and will form a shield at Shield Level 3: Rave when cast.
3Double-StopIncreases the Level of Sweeping Fervor by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
4Wildfire RhythmSweeping Fervor’s swing DMG decrease opponents Physical RES by 15% for 12s.
5Screamin’ for an EncoreIncreases the Level of Riff Revolution by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
6Rockin’ in a Flaming WorldDecrease the stamina consumption of Xinyan Charged Attacks by 30%. Additionally, Xinyan Charged Attack gains an ATK bonus equal to 50% of her DEF.


For Weapons, Xinyan falls into the same pattern as most other Claymore users. The Wolf’s Gravestone and Prototype Animus are both great options. You can get Wolf’s Gravestone from Wishes, and the Prototype Animus can be built at the Blacksmith.

The Wolf’s Gravestone will increase ATK by 20 to 40%. Attacks against enemies with less than 30% health will increase all party members ATK by 40-80% for 12 seconds. This can only proc once every 30 seconds.

The Prototype Animus will give normal or charged attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional 240 to 480% attack damage to enemies in a small radius. This can occur once every 15 seconds.

Artifact Sets

For Artifacts, a full Gladiators Finale is a superb option. You can get this set by killing Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses, making it a pretty easy farm. At two pieces it will give you +18% ATK, and at four pieces Xinyan will get increased normal attack damage of 35% as a Claymore user.