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Genshin Impact – The World of Aranara quest guide

How to help the Aranara and reach Vanarana.

In Genshin Impact, The World of Aranara is the first quest in the Aranyaka: Part II – Dream Nursery world quest series, and it starts automatically when you complete The Lost Child, the final quest in the Aranyaka: Part I – Woodland Encounter world quest series. The quest takes place in and around Vimara Village, Sumeru, and tasks you with helping Rana and the other villagers.

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How to complete The World of Aranara

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First, follow the map marker to Vimara Village and speak to Amadhiah. After he gives you the Vintage Lyre, interact with the Waverider (the boat that appears nearby) and sail it along the river, following the map markers. Shortly after you pass Sumeru City, the river will narrow, and the map marker (as well as those strange traces you first saw during The Lost Child), will lead you up a path to the right. So get out of the Waverider (hold the jump button) and follow that path. When you reach Vanarana, keep following the traces until you get to a strange arch — a Phantasmal Gate, in fact — in the middle of a pond. When you get close to that, a cutscene will start.

How to open the Phantasmal Gate

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After the cutscene, go to your inventory and open the Gadget tab. Equip the Vintage Lyre then, while standing under the Phantasmal Gate, use the Vintage Lyre (see the button prompt under your character portraits). Actually playing the lyre is a bit like a rhythm action game, only timing doesn’t matter. The confusing thing with this song is that you have to raise the key in order to play it. Do this by holding the button indicated on-screen, then press the buttons that correspond to the highlighted note. Once you’ve played the song, walk through the Phantasmal Gate to start the first Trial of the Phantasmal Gate.

How to complete the Trial of the Phantasmal Gate

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Complete the Phantasmal Gate challenge by collecting 15 Phantasmal Seeds before the time runs out. The Phantasmal Seeds are arranged in an easy-to-follow sequence along a path, but you will need to use Four-Leaf Sigils to help you glide across the ravine about halfway through the trial. If you do lose the trail of Phantasmal Seeds, use an Electro attack on one of the big blue Dream Flowers, to highlight the Phantasmal Seeds with vertical columns of light. You will encounter monsters along the way, but you’re better off just running past them and not fighting them. To complete the trial, give the Phantasmal Seeds to the Phantasmal Gate.

How to help Arama

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After collecting your reward chest, follow the traces to another location where you need to play a song on the Vintage Lyre. Again, you need to raise the key for this song too. You’ll be teleported to the house of Arama, an Aranara. Follow the map markers to another Phantasmal Gate and defeat the monsters around it to complete the first of your three tasks. Next, go to the house southwest of the Phantasmal Gate and use a Geo character to destroy the rocks blocking the doorway. To complete your third and final task, follow the path west and defeat another group of monsters.

Go to the map marker and eliminate the Vanagni threat by defeating first one Pyro Whopperflower, then three Pyro Whopperflowers at once. The second phase of this battle can be quite tough, so use any means you have to increase your Pyro resistance. Follow the map marker and play the Ryhthm of the Great Dream again. This time you’ll teleport to the real Vanarana, so follow the map marker to the house and talk to Araja to complete The World of Aranara quest.

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