Genshin Impact – The Lost Child quest guide

How to rescue Iotham from the cave.

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The Lost Child is the fourth and final quest in the Aranyaka: Part 1 – Woodland Encounter world quest series in Genshin Impact. It starts automatically as soon as you complete the previous quest, namely Into the Woods. Having taken care of the Withering Zones and the Spinocrocodiles, your first task is to head back to Vimara Village with Rana.

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How to complete The Lost Child

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Once you’ve completed both The Children of Vimara Village and Into the Woods, follow the map marker to Rana, and talk to her. Defeat the Eremite Crossbow and Eremite Sunfrost — a Cryo character will be useful here, as the Eremites will be wet — then follow the map marker to the cave in which Iotham disappeared. As you enter the cave, you’ll be confronted by a Fatui Pyro Agent and a Pyroslinger Bracer. Defeat them using a character (or characters) with strong physical attacks, as this is their weakness, and don’t waste time using Pyro against the Fatui Pyro Agent.

Continue into the cave, then drift down into the Withering Zone at the cave’s bottom. Defeat the monsters and clean up the Withering Zone as you did before — by summoning Dendrograna from the Auspicious Branches, then striking the Withering Branches with aimed or charged attacks.

How to clean up the Withering Zone in the cave

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This battle is much harder than the previous Withering Zones because there are many more monsters, and you need to defeat them all (utilize Cryo characters again, as it’s wet down here) and destroy the Tumor of the Withering before you succumb to the Withering poison (keep an eye on the gauge above your health bar). Light the Candle of Life, which is a short distance southeast of the Tumor of Withering, and use it to cleanse you of the poison. If you do get killed, then the game won’t guide you to the cave entrance, which is actually a few hundred meters northwest of the map marker (see map).

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After cleaning up the Withering Zone, use the bouncy mushrooms to get back up, then go to the map marker to trigger another conversation. After that, leave the cave the same way you came in, and return to Vimara Village with Iotham. Talk to Alphonso, then you’ll be teleported back to the cave, where you need to follow the map marker back to Rana, except she’s not there. Follow the strange traces east out of the other side of the cave, then across the river. Find Rana in the little house and try to talk to her. She won’t talk, but you’ll meet Arana instead. After this conversation, The Lost Child will complete, and The World of Aranara will automatically start.