Ghost of Tsushima: Best Ghost Weapons To Unlock First

Instantly effective.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony

Ghost of Tsushima will offer players something on an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dispatching enemies. Between techniques, stances, and Ghost weapons, there is a lot to spend your points on. In this article, we will run through which order to unlock the Ghost weapons in. 

The best Ghost weapons


The Kunai is basically an instant stagger against an enemy. Whack this little blade off their face, and they will recoil in horror, allowing you to follow up with some vicious strikes from your sword. Definitely unlock this first.

Black Powder Bombs

Black Powder Bombs are a huge help in the early game as you try to get to grips with the combat system. You can use these to disrupt and damage huge groups of enemies if you are under the risk of being overwhelmed.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs will break the enemy line of sight, allowing you to slip away unseen. This is fantastic if you are trying to observe an enemy captain, and someone spots you. 

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes allow you to distract an enemy with Ghost of Tsushima’s version of the classic stone-throwing ability. It’s very useful when you need to move an awkward enemy that you cannot get to.

Stick Bombs

The Sticky Bomb will stick to an enemy and explode, but we rate it lower down the list because the enemy can run, making it difficult to know exactly who the explosion will hit.


Firecrackers act like Wind Chimes but will distract multiple enemies. We dislike them as they can also attract more enemies into the area, and if you need to distract many enemies, you can just pick a better route to your target location.