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God of War Ragnarok editions explained – Launch, Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, and Jötnar

See what's inside the triptych.

It’s official: God of War Ragnarok is launching on Wednesday, November 9. Preorders are open now, giving you some time to decide what version you want before the full game arrives. Below, you’ll find a complete list of every edition of God of War Ragnarok, each with their own bonuses.

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God of War Ragnarok Standard Edition

This is the no-frills, regular version of the game, priced at $69.99 USD / £69.99 on PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 version is a touch cheaper, at $59.99 USD / £59.99, and it’ll cost you an extra $10 USD to upgrade to PS5.

God of War Ragnarok Launch Edition

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This isn’t a full-on edition so much as a preorder bonus. Preordering any edition on this list ahead of launch gets you two bonus armor sets: the Risen Snow Armor for Kratos and the Risen Snow Tunic for Atreus. Sony says this will be delivered as a voucher code to download the in-game items.

God of War Ragnarok Digital Deluxe Edition

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Now we’re getting into the pricier editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition — not available on disc, of course — gets you early access to Kratos’ Darkdale Armor, Darkdale Blades Handle, and Darkdale Axe Grip, as well as Atreus’ Darkdale Attire. Note that these are all unlockable within the game itself, but you’ll start the game with them already in your inventory here. Additionally, you’ll get the game’s soundtrack, a digital artbook, avatar set, and PlayStation 4 theme. This edition costs $79.99 USD / £79.99.

God of War Ragnarok Collector’s Edition

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Next up is the Collector’s Edition, which includes all the previously mentioned bonuses. This edition doesn’t include the physical game disc, but you’ll get a code for both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions and a steelbook case modeled after the in-game triptychs. Additionally, the Collector’s Edition includes a Dwarven dice set, a pair of 2″ Vanir carvings, and a 16″ replica of Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer. There’s a big jump from the previous edition to this one — it costs $199.99 USD / £179.99.

God of War Ragnarok Jötnar Edition

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Once again, this edition includes everything from all the previous ones, though it swaps out the digital soundtrack for a vinyl record and trades the regular dice set for Brok’s own set. Additionally, the Jötnar Edition includes a falcon, bear, and wolf pin set; Draupnir ring; and Yggdrasil cloth map. It’s also the most expensive, of course, priced at $259.99 USD / £229.99.

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