How to get to, and kill, the ogre in The Jungle in God of War Ragnarok

Stop all that rock throwing once and for all.

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In God of War Ragnarok, almost as soon as you arrive at The Jungle region of The Crater in Vanaheim, an ogre starts throwing huge rocks at you, preventing you from exploring certain paths. In order to stop the ogre doing that, you have to get closer to it, but every time you find a path leading to it, it’ll block your way with more boulders. However, there is one way to get to the ogres (yes, there are two).

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How to get to the ogres in The Jungle

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Before you can reach the ogres, you have to complete the Return of the River side quest Favor by opening the dam in the southwest of The Jungle. After you’ve done that, you can climb back down off the dam and board a boat. As you paddle east, you’ll notice various shores along the way. Ignore all of them. Instead, paddle all the way to the east end of the river, then turn left down a narrow tunnel. Disembark at the dock at the far end of this tunnel, then head west up the slope and squeeze through the gap to find the ogres.

How to kill the ogres in The Jungle

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The first thing you need to do is kill the two nokken that are regenerating the ogres’ health. They’re small and fast, but they don’t have much health, so don’t waste any special attacks on them. Once you’ve killed both the nokken, focus your efforts on one of the ogres. Use your Runic and Rage attacks, of course, but also use lots of Stun arrows and light attacks, because you really want to stun it rather than kill it outright. Once you’ve stunned it, press R3 to climb onto its shoulders and use it to attack the other ogre. You’ll eventually kill “your” ogre, but the second ogre should now be nicely softened up, and easy to finish off.