Greed Never Pays gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – How to get into Leah Gladen’s apartment and get the lockbreaker device

Code breaker.

Old friends will often call in favors, and there are plenty of friends willing to reach out to V in Cyberpunk 2077. This time around, Wakako Okada needs some help, and she wants you to sneak into Leah Gladen’s apartment and steal his lockbreaker device.

Where to find Leah Gladen’s apartment

You’ll be able to find Leah Gladen’s apartment on the corner of Holly and Floyd Street on the west side of Japantown in Westbrook. It will be in the large building right next to the bridge that connects Westbrook to Watson.

How to get into Leah Gladen’s apartment

There are few things stopping you from getting into Leah’s apartment. First, At the entrance there’s a doorman that will have a problem with you if you stand there for too long, so when you make your way inside, ignore him. It’s better not to stand there for too long. Make your way up to the second floor, but you’ll likely be blocked by the door to the apartment hallway unless you have at least eight points in the technical ability stat. You need to keycard the doorman has next to him on the desk.

You need to lure him to you and knock him out to grab it. But first, a worker is roaming around the back area. You’ll need to knock him out first. If you follow him, he goes to a back room. Crouch down, close the door behind you and knock them out. You can dump the body in the closet behind you. Now to deal with the front door guard, you won’t be able to distract him or lure him over. He doesn’t appear to move. All you have to do is crouch down, sneak up behind him, and grab him to knock him out. There’s nothing special about this, and you can hide his body in the small room where you hid the worker. Now, you have the key.

Once you arrive to Leah’s apartment, you have the same problem again. You need a technical ability of at least five to enter, or a personal authorization key to access the room. The alternative to entering Leah’s room is to go outside and open up the shutters to his room by scaling a platform, jumping up to another, and making a tricky jump. If you can do this, you’ll be able to sneak in unnoticed.

How to search Leah Gladen’s apartment

Now you need to find where the lockbreaker device can be. You can search the entire apartment, but you won’t find anything. You need to go into Leah’s kitchen and use your scanner to find a hidden button.

Hit the button, and it opens up a secret entrance set up in Leah’s apartment. The skeleton key won’t be here, either. But if you read his messages on his datapad, specifically the second email labeled “skeleton key,” you’ll learn Leah’s going to try and sell it to someone at the Wired Head, a braindance club.

Where to find the Wired Head

The Wired Head is not too far away. It’s already highlighted on your map while you track this gig. It’s over 500 meters away. Your best bet is to call your vehicle to drive over unless you’ve already been close by before and you can fast travel over.

When you arrive, head inside and go to the right to go down the elevator to the Wired Head braindance club. You can also take the stairs, and there are two guards, one on the top floor and one on the bottom, that you need to take out. It’s never a bad idea to take them out early, either. Both routes get you to the same location, and when you arrive at the club, Johnny shows up to offer his two cents. There are guards everywhere in the club, so you can choose to fight or sneak inside.

There are plenty of guards within this area to make sneaking in a huge chore. You’re better off taking a few steps back and going down the route to the side, just before the braindance club. There will be a guard in this area that you can easily take out, and then follow the hallway where there’s a door that requires you to have five points in technical ability to open. However, that’s not the door you want. The one to the immediate right is the proper route. You’ll be to see a guard in a technical room, standing by themselves. Distract them, and you’ll find the lockbreaker device.

All you have to do now is grab the device and make it out of the Wired Head. You can take the elevator or the stairs. Once you’re outside, you need to turn that piece of hardware into a drop point, marked on your tracked quest marker, and then you’re finished with the gig.