GTA Online: How To Get A Stun Gun Taser

Shocking results.


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Something many players in GTA Online will want to accomplish is getting every weapon and having a full armory collection. These weapons are available to pull out at any given time to protect oneself from oncoming battles with other players or enemies in the game. Certain weapons will also be better used in missions rather than others in GTA. Players will definitely want to get their hands on weapons that are explosive and deadly to their opponent.

The Stun Gun Taser will shock targets with electricity and leave them sprawled out on the ground. It’s one of the weapons you’ll want to have in your arsenal, so here is how to get the deadly Stun Gun Taser in GTA Online.

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How To Buy A Stun Gun Taser in GTA Online

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While players might think to head over to the Ammu Nation store since there are many located on the GTA Online map, this weapon cannot actually be purchased where other weapons are obtained. The Stun Gun Taser is a bit more tricky to get than others. Players will need to own an Agency that also has an Armory within it as well. However, if a player already owns an Agency, they will be able to upgrade it with an Armory for only $400,000. An Agency can be purchased from Dynasty8 Executive.

After a player has an Armory, they will want to head to the top floor of the Agency, and there will be a room with weapons and ammo on the walls just like the gun store. Players will be able to edit their loadout here but to purchase weapons, they will need to talk to the man sitting at a laptop and can buy weapons at a discount.

The Stun Gun will cost $326250 GTA$ when looking at the log of available weapons to purchase. This is the only place where the weapon can be purchased. That’s how to get the Stun Gun in GTA.

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Now, after purchasing the Stun Gun, players can tase enemies or other players. However, do note that players have to be pretty close to the person they want to tase, there is also a recharge rate after it has been fired, so plan for that as well. This is a weapon players can use on their friends or other players to prank them without actually killing them.