How to find Street Dealers in GTA Online

Sell some products.

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Street Dealers are one of the latest additions to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Update. Players can sell various types of products to these dealers and earn a great amount of cash over the traditional selling methods in the game. Their prices are definitely lucrative but the dealers themselves are hard to find in the game. With that in mind, here’s how you can find these street dealers in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Where to find Street Dealers in GTA Online

You can find Street Dealers in various locations around Los Santos and Blaine County. They are usually located in various alleyways and back roads. Three Street Dealers will appear every day in three random locations across the map. You’ll have to roam the map to find them as they’ll be hidden from plain sight. Another way is to use the GTAWeb map to locate the current locations of the three Street Dealers.

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When you are within 500 meters of a Street Dealer, a purple speech bubble will appear on the map and you’ll also get a notification about them.

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After that, you can approach them to sell your desired products. You can sell the products you’ve produced from your MC business, Nightclub, and Acid Lab. Street Dealers buy four kinds of products: Acid, Cocaine, Meth, and Weed. In order to sell these, you need to have a specific production business set up. The quantity of the products among the dealers is the same although the prices vary.

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Each of the dealers will offer a special price on a specific product. This means they will offer a better price for that product. The prices and locations of the products change daily in the game, so you always will need to be on the lookout for the Street Dealers.