The 10 most expensive motorcycles in GTA Online

Find out which GTA Online motorcycles are going to put the most pressure on your wallet.

We all love getting our hands on some fantastic new vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. Whether it’s by purchasing it ourselves or maybe “borrowing” it from unsuspecting people in Los Santos, we are always looking for a new ride.

Motorcycles are some of the fastest vehicles in the game and can help us get to our mission objectives as fast as possible. However, the best of the best will need some big money to buy, and we have listed here the bikes that will break the bank the most.

1. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

Cost: $3,890,250

Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that will take away your wheels to give you the ability to fly around? The Oppressor Mk II comes with several weapons that can help you really go after some other players and enemies across the map.

2. Pegassi Oppressor

Cost: $3,524,500

So take the Mk II and take away its ability to fly, and you have the original version of the Oppressor. Just like its second edition, it is a highly weaponized motorcycle that can help you fight your way through just about anyone getting in your way.

3. Nagasaki Shotaro

Cost: $2,225,000

Nagasaki Shotaro is possibly our favorite motorcycle due to its obvious inspiration from the Tron film series. You can really look out of place, yet so very cool, on this awesome motorcycle. Its lighting makes it pop, but it does come with the drawback of ceasing to work when just about any amount of water.

4. LCC Sanctus

Cost: $1,995,000

A bike fit for the one and only Ghost Rider, the LCC Sanctus has an insane amount of torque that means you can reach top speed in no time. And in addition to this, it also handles pretty darn well, meaning you can maneuver yourself just about anywhere you want.

5. Western Nightmare Deathbike

Cost: $1,269,000

The first thing you will surely notice is that Western Nightmare Deathbike is quite the looker. The second thing you will find out is that it is possibly the fastest of all land vehicles in the game. It comes with some permanent coloring on parts, so you won’t completely be able to rid yourself of the bright colors. However, we don’t know why you would want to.

6. Western Future Shock Deathbike

Cost: $1,269,000

This is very similar to the last bike on the list but comes with a maybe more subdued color scheme. The important thing to know is that this bike is really, really fast, and its handling is pretty freaking good too. Don’t worry about getting where you’re going on time.

7. Western Apocalypse Deathbike

Cost: $1,269,000

We promise this is the last Deathbike on the list. Just like the ones that have come before it, this bike offers an incredible amount of speed without having to worry about losing any handling capabilities.

8. Principe Lectro

Cost: $997,500

Hey, we got under a million dollars. It will happen at some point, and it doesn’t mean you are losing out on anything. The Lectro is a solid motorcycle to use. It isn’t going to blow you away with its speed, but it isn’t slow by any means. It’s handling is also solid, so it really isn’t a bad buy at all.

9. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike

Cost: $976,000

You can tell this bike is built for speed by just looking at it. This motorcycle is best for use in drag races and can reach some very high speeds. However, just be ready for some understeer at high speed, and it also is susceptible to small bumps in the road.

10. Western Rampant Rocket Tricycle

Cost: $925,000

Don’t let the weight of this vehicle fool you: it can be a pretty fast ride, which isn’t too surprising given its similar appearance to a Formula 1 car. The only issue is that its acceleration isn’t the best and doesn’t reach as high of speeds as other vehicles. It’s seen as more of a novelty than an actual, legitimate option for you to drive.