The 10 most expensive motorcycles in GTA Online, and how much they cost

Ride in style.

Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online has a wide array of amazing motorcycles for players to buy and enhance their collection with. Each of them possesses unique characteristics and features that make them attractive to buyers. But, the main thing people notice is the price tag. In the world of Los Santos, the more expensive the thing is, the better it is. With that in mind, we look at ten of the most expensive motorcycles in the game, from most to least expensive. These all vary by popularity, but with their high price tag, players will need to know what they are getting.

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1. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Cost: $3,890,250
  • Trade Price: $2,925,000

First, we have the Oppressor MK II by Pegassi, an immensely popular choice by players, mainly because it is a hoverbike. Handling this is easy and fun when cruising around Los Santos or trying to get to a place quickly. Additionally, its weapon collection consists of a Machine Gun, an Explosive Machine Gun, and Missiles that are highly effective in certain situations. Performance-wise, the Oppressor MK II possesses excellent acceleration.

2. Pegassi Oppressor

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Cost: $3,524,500
  • Trade Price: $2,650,000

Then, we have the MK I Oppressor, which is quite different from the MK II as it features a custom motorcycle look. Although it is obviously less superior to the MK II, the MK I is definitely a bike worth having. While it can’t hover, it has two four extendable wings that can be used for gliding for a short amount of time in addition to a rocket boost. It also possesses a Machine Gun and Missiles as weapons for use. The Oppressor also has one of the best accelerations in the game and as a result, is immensely quick.

3. Nagasaki Shinobi

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $2,480,500

The Shinobi is a generally shorter sports motorcycle, but it is immensely popular among players due to its unique aerodynamic design and performance. It possesses an in-game top speed of around 128 mph, making it one of the best in that respective category. The price is quite high, but players will definitely enjoy cruising with this.

4. Nagasaki Shotaro

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $2,225,000

Players who are fans of the Light Cycle in the Tron films can get an eerily similar motorcycle in GTA Online in the form of the Nagasaki Shotaro. Its distinct futuristic design and neon-based colors are a sight for sore eyes. The neon colors are especially visible during the night. It is also amazing in terms of performance, with a maximum top speed of around 130 mph.

5. LCC Sanctus

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $1,995,000

The Sanctus possesses a distinct skeletal bodywork, making it a popular choice for players who focus on their MC businesses. The only downside of this is the price, which is a little less than two million. But, the performance players will get in return is definitely praiseworthy. It has one of the best accelerations in the game and possesses a top speed of about 118 mph.

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6. Western Reever

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $1,900,000

The Western Reever boasts a modern yet simple look and is a great choice for players with unique tastes. But, the short body doesn’t let it remove itself from the fact that it is the fastest bike in the game, with a top speed of 163 mph. If players are going solely for performance and within a moderately high budget, the Reever is a prime choice.

7. Western Apocalypse Deathbike

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $1,269,000

Before Reever arrived in GTA Online in 2022, the Apocalpyse Deathbike was the fastest in the game, with a top speed of exactly 150 mph. In addition, it can be attached with miniguns and saw blades, making mincemeat of any player or NPC in seconds. Its devilish look is also something to be noted as well.

8. Principe Lectro

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Cost: $997,500
  • Trade Price: $750,000

The aggressive-looking Pegassi Lectro is a common choice for players looking for those who are aggressive as well. The design and bodywork are the Lectro’s most distinguishable features in addition to the KERS system. The KERS system gives the motorcycle a short boost, giving players an advantage in certain situations. Otherwise, the bike is fairly average in terms of performance when compared to its price.

9. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $976,000

For less than a million dollars, the Hakuchou Drag bike is undoubtedly a steal. With its bulky design and well-rounded performance, players can enjoy riding this with utmost satisfaction. It handles well, has a great top speed of around 125 mph, and looks amazing in the daylight.

10. Western Rampant Rocket

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cost: $925,000

The Rampant Rocket is not the usual motorcycle. It’s a highly modified tricycle with great performance. While it is not suitable for racing or as an escape vehicle, it is the definite one for showing off and is a great piece to have in a collection. The price of $925,000 is a bit of a bummer, but looks do kill.