GTA V Cargo Truck Guide: How To Open Back Doors, Usage and More

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GTA V features Cargo Trucks as one of the vehicles, however many players are unaware of how to use it to their advantage.

GTA V Cargo Trucks Guide

Reddit user Veritoss43 has made an awesome guide detailing how to actually use Cargo Trucks in GTA V and GTA Online. The guide comes in two part, first part showcase how you can actually use Cargo Trucks in GTA V whereas Part II gives out few important tips and usage of Cargo Trucks in GTA Online.

You can read below first part of the guide below. Second Part will be posted on October 9.

GTA V: Guide to Cargo Trucks Part 1

The best truck to start with is the Benson, a booze truck. The back door is also a ramp when it’s open, so this is the ideal cargo truck to stash things in. To open:

Climb to the top of the back of the truck and get your character to stomp on or just over the edge of the roof. It might not work on the first stomp, so keep stomping. Eventually, it should pop open!

Here you can store things inside. If you begin driving, at about medium speed, the door will close automatically. Interestingly enough, four wheeled things will slide out if the door is open, so back it up against a wall to manually close. Two wheeled things like bicycles and motorbikes will stay put, and you can put several inside. And yes, you can stand inside just fine without ragdolling, you can even stand on the lowered ramp while it’s speeding down the highway driven by a scared NPC fleeing the 4 star cops trying to get you to stop shooting people.

There are several trucks this will work on

You can’t open the back gate on the dump truck, but things inside will stay put

Interestingly, you can’t open the doors on a big rig trailer. You can smash them open by slamming them into something, but you can’t get inside! How lame!