GTA V: How to fix Distance Texture Rendering Problem when driving or flying

GTA V Screen 1

Distance Texture in GTA V has too many complaints with the rendering part. Whenever the player tries to drive any car to fly any plane the distance texture gets pixilated and sometimes blurred. This GTA V guide will help you fix the Distance Texture Rendering Problem when driving or flying permanently.

Distance Texture Rendering issue Fixed

How to fix Distance Texture Rendering Problem

There are tow ways to fix Distance Texture Rendering Issue – one is with the Task Manager and another with external software. If your game is fixed with the Task Manager then no need to to download the external software, but as the Task Manager has so many information to handle then it might work for the first half and then it may not. So Let’s Check out both the ways without any further ado.

Step 1:
Load your game into only the main menu.

Step 2:
Press ‘ALT-TAB’ to Windows.

Step 3:
Open Task Manager and Right click on Grand Theft Auto V

Step 4:
Select Details from the menu

Step 5:
Set the priority to ‘High’ for GTA5.exe.

Step 6:
Congrats! The game world will render how it is supposed to be.

Step 7:
If the Issue Continues then do all steps again.

If you want to fix the issue permanently then You need to Download the System Explorer Software. This Software is same as the Task Manger but on steroids, just kidding, this program has the ability to save a given process priority and keep that setting when the program is launched in future.

All you need to do is follow the same steps as above and the only change here is you need to open the System Explorer and tick Permanent to make the setting stick just like we did in the image below.