Guide to the 2022 Birthday event in Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is nine years young, and this new event helps cement that.

Image via Jagex

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With the ninth anniversary of OSRS approaching on February 22, developer Jagex has put together a brief event to celebrate the version’s longevity. Most notably, however, the company based the event within the desert city of Al-Kharid, the gateway to the deeper Kharidian desert. Given that a major desert expansion is due on the horizon in early 2022, including the fabled Raids 3 — Tombs of Amascut — Jagex seems to be treating this event as a slight teaser for what’s to come for the old new MMO.

But for now, players can treat themselves to a festival of fishing, cooking, and good old-fashioned treasure-hunting.

Treasure: Capt’ Arnav’s clue scrolls

Screenshot by Gamepur

Arnav, waiting outside of the bank west of Al-Kharid palace, hid a chest full of valuables somewhere within the city.

In a series of hints reminiscent of the clue scroll system, he challenges the player with solving a series of 3 riddles to figure out where this chest is.

First scroll: Four statues

Approach the four statues guarding the central fountain in the courtyard of Al-Kharid palace. Perform the dance emote, and the second clue will reveal itself.

Second scroll: Anagram (A Learn) 

This anagram refers to Ranael, the owner of the plateskirt shop southeast of the palace. She will give the player the third and final clue when spoken to.

Third scroll: Four means to attack

Zeke, the scimitar salesman located north of the palace, sells bronze, iron, steel, and mithril variants of the sword. When spoken to, he presents the player with a secondary challenge: count every balloon in and on his house.

Remember to count each balloon on a singular three-balloon prop as an individual balloon. By this logic:

  • 9 balloons on the first floor
  • 9 balloons on the second floor
  • 12 balloons on the roof
  • 30 balloons total

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Fishing: Larry Leprechaun

Screenshot by Gamepur

Larry is located by the oasis far north of the palace, near the gate to Al-Kharid. He oversees the fishing competition and will provide the player with the fishing gear necessary to participate, but he will neglect to tell the player that nothing can be caught in the oasis.

Big Dave, a fellow fisherman in the competition, will recommend buying specialty bait from Ali Morrisane, a merchant located due east of the oasis.

When inquired about the bait, Morrisane will agree to barter in exchange for trade reports from spymaster Osman. Take note, however, of Morrisane’s three crates around his stand. Osman will use this information as a security question.

Morrisane’s bait guarantees a catch. Even the tiniest fish guarantees winning the fishing contest.

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Cook-off: My Arm

Screenshot by Gamepur

My Arm the troll is organizing and judging a cook-off, for which he demands something “exciting,” “exotic,” and,  quite ostensibly, “not boring.” 

Where the Cook claims his pizza was exciting, but not exotic enough for My Arm’s tastes, and the Wise Old Man’s banana was exotic but too simplistic to be interesting, the only correct course of action to cook something exotic and exciting would be to combine the two into banana pizza.

  • The bucket, pot, tomato, cheese, and banana necessary for this recipe can be found in the cupboard to the northeast
  • Fill the pot with flour from the bin and the bucket with water from the sink
  • Combine the flour and water to make pizza dough
  • Use the tomato and cheese on the pizza base to make an uncooked pizza
  • Cook the pizza on the clay oven
  • Use the banana on the cooked pizza to add the final topping

At the suggestion of Hans, it’s also best to intentionally burn the banana pizza, just so the final product better appeals to a troll’s tastes.

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