Hogwarts Legacy beginners’ guide – gameplay and combat tips and tricks

There’s so much to learn, it’s overwhelming.

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Hogwarts Legacy has you explore a massive world as you begin to learn about what it takes to be a witch or wizard. While you might not know what to do right out of the gate, you probably still want to get the best experience from your journey. Some beginner tips and tricks are always a great thing to start out any new game with, especially if you want to approach it with the best strategy possible. Below are a handful of tips and tricks to get you rolling in the right direction in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy gameplay tips and tricks

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  • You probably want to immediately explore Hogwarts and the surrounding world as soon as you join, but sadly, you won’t be able to. You will be required to stay within the quest area and any exploring outside of those bonds will cause you to die.
  • Loot isn’t automatically collected when you are standing close to it, so be sure to pick up any resources and items that an enemy might drop as you play.
  • Inventory management is a dreadful thing in every game. You will only have 20 gear slots and chests seem to be everywhere. As you level up you will need to destroy or sell off things you don’t need. To help manage this, you will want to unlock some additional slots by completing the Merlin Trials and which can be unlocked after you complete a mandatory main quest.
  • Continuing off the last tip, don’t destroy gear. Visit the vendors and make Galleons off unwanted items, this will help you afford potions and resources later on since it can be costly.
  • There is fall damage so don’t try to jump off any steep areas.
  • Almost nowhere in Hogwarts Legacy is off-limits, you can go anywhere. If you see a door while out exploring, be sure to check it out and see where it leads.
  • While you are going throughout the world, you will discover small loot chests that are often found very easily. Be sure to open chests and collect the goodies as you explore.

Hogwarts Legacy combat tips and tricks

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  • Instead of firing off spells individually in battle, focus on combos. Some spells can only be done at a certain range as well, so combos will help you out a lot more.
  • Make sure to fight off enemies standing above you first, this will help you save your energy level.
  • Be sure to use stealth as much as you can so you can sneak around enemies to take them down. You could also use an invisible potion during battles.
  • You can discover important information about enemies in the Enemies Collection menu, like their weaknesses, and techniques to use against them. It will also tell you spells that that enemy is vulnerable to.
  • You can look at the symbols above your head to know if you need to counter or dodge the strike, but be careful because enemies can jump high into the air or even burrow into the ground so you don’t see their attacks coming. Keep an eye on your enemies.

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As long as you are always exploring and trying new things within Hogwarts Legacy, you will easily learn everything there is to know and better your experience.