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Honkai Star Rail Future Updates Schedule and Roadmap

Just when are we getting new banners, Hoyoverse?

Honkai Star Rail is a new and successful gacha game developed by MiHoyo, known for its popular game Genshin Impact. Like with Genshin, fans are eager for the first major update, Version 1.1. The update promises new characters and banners, and leaks have already given players a glimpse of what’s to come. From its release date to the new content players can expect, this guide provides a full rundown of everything players need to know about the upcoming update. 

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Honkai: Star Rail — Official Release Date for Part 2 of Version 1.0

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In typical gacha game fashion, the Version 1.0 Part 1 banners will last three weeks, like its sister game, Genshin Impact. The Part 2 banner is set to start on May 17, right after Phase 1 ends.

The “Boarding Preparation Special Program” in March revealed that Jing Yuan, a 5-star character, will be the star of Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.0’s second character event banner in Phase 2. However, information on the boosted 4-star characters is currently unknown.

Honkai: Star Rail — Release Window for Version 1.1

Since the release of Version 1.0 on April 26, Honkai Star Rail fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Version 1.1. However, it looks like it might be coming on June 7. While HoyoVerse does not officially confirm this date, it’s based on the current banner durations, and that the next banner, featuring Jing Yuan, is expected to be the last one before the update.

Of course, fans should still take this with a grain of salt until the official release date is announced. If the rumors are true, players can start marking their calendars and preparing for what’s to come in Version 1.1.

Stay tuned for further updates, as we will provide the latest news and information about Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 as soon as it becomes available. After all, you don’t want to miss out on all the new characters, banners, and gameplay mechanics HoyoVerse has in store.

Honkai: Star Rail — Upcoming Banners

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 will have two phases of banners, with one of them already confirmed, and skill sets included. However, there’s one character, Yukong, whose appearance has only been leaked and is yet to be confirmed. However, she’ll likely be featured in Phase Two.

The confirmed banner is Luocha or Silver Wolf, a five-star character with unique elements and paths. YuKong is also a rumored four-star character who may appear in Phase Two.

Of course, as with any gacha game, plenty of lower-star cast members will be added, but no word yet on who else will join the fray. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates.

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