Honkai: Star Rail — How to Complete Pawnbroker Handian Hints Mission

Get those mission items off your inventory.

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Honkai Star Rail’s writing is generally great, with clever quips and interesting storylines worth paying attention to. Still, the game has an overwhelming amount of dialogue and internal monologue reading, making even the most patient player want to skip it all. If you’re the kind of player that chooses every interaction option available to you without giving it much luck, you’ve likely stumbled into some trouble at Xianzhou Loufu. Completing the Pawnbroker Hendian quest requires patience and attention to detail, as players must pay close attention to dialogue and locations to progress. However, the rewards are worth the effort, and players will feel a sense of accomplishment once the quest is complete.

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What to do with the Dirty Mechanical Part in Honkai Star Rail

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To complete the Pawnbroker Hendian quest in Honkai Star Rail, players must follow a series of steps requiring some detective work and conversation skills. The quest begins when players investigate a tiny glowing item in the Jeweller Pagoda of Central Starskiff Haven. This will lead them to Pawnbroker Hendian, who will broker a deal in exchange for a Dirty Mechanical Part.

What to do with the Old Tin Box in Honkai Star Rail

To complete the quest, players must speak to a man known as the “Frowning Young Man,” who is muttering about revenge. He can be found to the left of the Jeweller Pagoda, and players must offer him the Dirty Mechanical Part in exchange for an Old Tin Box.

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Next, players must speak to Pawnbroker Hendian again and choose the dialogue option “I went and replaced the component.” This will lead players to the Spare Time Book Shop in Exalting Sanctum, where they will meet a Sad Woman who misses her memories. Players must give her the Old Tin Box to retrieve her memories and receive a jar of Draconic Tears.

What to do with the Draconic Tears jar in Honkai Star Rail

The final step of the quest involves finding Howard, a man from IPC who is interested in the Draconic Tears. Players can find him sitting at a table on the terrace opposite the Jeweller Pagoda. Giving him the Draconic Tears and choosing any dialogue option will complete the quest and reward players with 10 Stellar Jade, 10 Strale, and 5,000 Credits.