Hood: Outlaws & Legends progression guide – how to rank up fast with every character

Tag and frag.

Hood Outlaws and Legends loot cosmetics

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Progression in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is split into three different paths: Player Rank, individual Character Ranks, and Hideout Rank. While they are mostly connected, there are certain minute differences between them. Depending on what you want to unlock next in the game’s progression system, you should focus on each progression path at a time.

Player Rank is raised by completing Daily Challenges and by getting a lot of XP in matches. Character Rank is raised by getting XP with specific outlaws, and Hideout Rank is raised by forfeiting some of your stolen gold at the end of a match. All three Ranks give you access to new weapons and outlaw skins, and your Character Ranks also unlock new outlaw perks to customize your playstyle.

It is highly recommended that new players focus on leveling up their individual Character Ranks first. Having access to more perks speeds up overall progression across all characters, creating new ways to play the game.

Passive XP and gold gain

Most things you can do in a Hood: Outlaws & Legends match passively award you with some XP points and gold. It’s best to do the things outlined below whenever you have the opportunity, rank up faste and help out your team.

  • Opening locked doors gives you 25 XP. Marianne and Tooke unlock doors silently, while other outlaws smash through with a lot of noise.
  • Deploying climbing ropes gives you 25 XP. All characters can deploy ropes while standing at the rope’s anchor point, and Marianne and Robin can also do it by firing an arrow into it from below.
  • Tagging enemies gives you 50 XP, and tagging interactable objects gives you 25 XP.
  • Killing State guards gives you 25 XP, and killing enemy players gives you 50 XP. Extra XP and gold are awarded for performing executions.
  • Capturing neutral and enemy-controlled spawn points gives you 100 XP.
  • Using your outlaw’s ability gives you 100 XP, and has the potential to give you more with certain perk builds.
  • And of course, everything related to the primary objectives — such as finding the vault, carrying the chest, and winching — gives you extra XP and rewards your entire team with more gold.

There are three special objective-based awards given at the end of each match. The player who first steals the vault key from the Sheriff gets the Pickpocket award, the player who unlocks the vault gets the Vault Breaker award, and the one who carries the chest the longest distance towards the extraction gets the Loot Hoarder award. Each award comes with a hefty 500 XP bonus, and other players are given the option to toss award recipients a single gold coin.

Bonus XP perk builds

The best way to get more XP and gold is to play well, focusing on your chosen outlaw’s strengths. For example, Marianne is custom-built to capture spawn points and farm guard kills, and John is excellent at carrying the chest and winching and will often secure you the Loot Hoarder award.

Every character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends also has a set of perks they can select to speed up their XP and gold gain further. These specialist builds motivate you to play your role efficiently, helping you rank faster and win more games in general.

With Efficient Assassin and Territorial Thief, Marianne gets more XP for executing players and State guards, and capturing spawn points.

Robin can take Reticent Recon with any other combination of perks, to get more XP for killing chest carriers and capturing spawn points.

With Dying Retaliation and Stable Tank, John becomes stronger in PvP and should play aggressively and fight enemy players as often as possible for extra XP points.

If Tooke adds the Unwavering Faith perk to his build, he gets more XP for tagging State guards and enemy players.