How to build a Water Still in Stranded Deep

Collect that sweet nectar with our help.

How to build a Stranded Deep Water Still

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Building a Water Still in Stranded Deep will be a matter of life or death. You need to make one to collect drinkable water in Beam Team Games’ survival game, otherwise you’ll get dehydrated and die.

It might seem like a daunting task to build a Water Still due to the different resources you need, but we’re here to provide you with the help you require to assemble one. Let’s get cracking.

How to make a Water Still item in Stranded Deep

How to build a Stranded Deep Water Still
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To build a Water Still, you’ll need a number of key items:

  • 1 Coconut Flask
  • 1 piece of Tarp
  • 3 rocks
  • 1 lashing
  • 1 Palm Frond

Rocks are scattered across the various desert islands, so you won’t have trouble locating any. Lashing can be crafted from fibrous leaves, and you can read this guide to learn how to make this. Tarp is found around shorelines and wreckages. It’s blue in color so it’ll always stand out.

Palm Fronds can be obtained from Palm Trees. You need to have an axe to cut down a Palm Tree. Once it’s fallen, you need to hit the Palm Bunch, at the tree top, to acquire Palm Fronds. Keep chopping them until the bunch breaks to get the Fronds.

For the Coconut Flask, you need one lashing and a coconut. Coconuts can be found around the island like rocks, so there should be no problems here either. Craft these together to make it.

Once you have every item, ensure that they’re in your inventory. If they aren’t, pick them up off the floor. Then, open your crafting menu. Flick across to the “building” tab, scroll down until you see the Water Still, and craft it.

For water to collect on the tarp — and drip into the flask — add additional Palm Fronds underneath as fiber. You can drink straight from the tarp, or use an old coconut to grab more water for a lengthier drink.