How crafting and upgrading works in Forspoken

Crafting might just save your life.

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Crafting systems have become commonplace in nearly every game nowadays which is why it isn’t surprising to see the mechanic appear in Forspoken. While crafting isn’t necessary for the game, it can very well save your life by allowing you to have extra potions. Along with crafting, Frey has access to multiple upgrades that she can apply to her gear. Applying these upgrades can help you survive the harsh environment of Athia. This guide will show you how the crafting and upgrading systems work in Forspoken.

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How to craft items in Forspoken

It takes a little while before you gain access to the crafting system in the game. When you make your way out of Cipal, you will run into Olevia. She will introduce you to the crafting system at a nearby crafting station. Crafting stations like this can be found all across Athia. After interacting with a crafting station, you will have two options; craft and upgrade.

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Select the craft option to bring up a list of all the items you can craft. You will start off knowing a few crafting recipes but can learn more by completing tasks around the world. When you select an item, it will show you what resources are required to make it underneath the image of the item.

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If you have the required materials, hold down the button indicated above the item’s image to craft it. Crafted items will automatically appear in your inventory. The resources required to craft and upgrade items can be found throughout the world. Some areas offer specific resources, so make sure you pay attention to where they can be found.

How to upgrade your gear in Forspoken

Upgrading your gear is as simple as crafting items, but can require different materials depending on the upgrade you are applying. After selecting the upgrade option from the crafting menu, select the item that you wish to apply an effect to. At first, you will only have your cloak available.

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After selecting the piece of gear, you will be shown how many effect slots the item has. Choose an effect slot and you will see what effects can be applied to it. Each effect requires different materials to apply. For instance, to add a health bonus to the cloak, you need one Balm Flax. You can change out an upgrade at any time by selecting the effect slot and applying a different effect.