How crafting works in Gotham Knights

It’s time for a new suit.

In Gotham Knights, crafting will be the main way you upgrade your characters in the game. You’ll unlock more advanced melee weapons, suits, and modifications to create a personalized member of the Bat Family based on your play style. It all starts with crafting, and there are some things you’ll want to know when diving into this system. Here’s what you need to know about how crafting works in Gotham Knights.

Everything you need to know about crafting in Gotham Knights

Whenever you’re ready to begin crafting in Gotham Knights, you’ll need to do it when you’re off the streets of Gotham. Make your way back to the Belfry and out of your costume. From there, go to the right of the computer at the center of the room, and you can interact with the workbench. You will need to go through the first two missions, the tutorial to unlock additional crafting, and the freedom to begin working on your projects to personalize your character.

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While at the crafting bench, there will be three categories of crafting for you to work on: Suit, Melee, and Ranged. Each character in Gotham Knights have the same series of option, so the main categories should be the same, but the way they look and the overall stats will be difficult. The same goes for the challenges and things you can unlock while playing as these Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Redhood.

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We recommend spending time exploring Gotham, completing quests, and fighting against the criminals spread throughout the city before sitting down to take crafting seriously. The more time you spend away from Belfry, working on the main story and beating up enemies, gives you have the opportunity to earn more crafting materials to utilize at your workbench. You can see every crafting item you can find to the right in the crafting menu, and by highlighting those materials, you can see what drops them and craft them while out in the field. However, you cannot equip them until you return to the Belfry.