How to turn off cameras in Gotham Knights

The cameras can become a big problem.

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For some missions where stealth is the most important thing you can do in Gotham Knights, you will encounter cameras during the mission. Unfortunately, these cameras can make your job significantly harder, and if they spot you, you might find yourself dealing with multiple enemies you now have to fight through. Luckily, you can turn them off. Here’s what you need to know about how to turn off cameras in Gotham Knights.

How to disable cameras in Gotham Knights

The cameras will be connected to a specific circuit, and if you find that circuit, you can turn them all off, making it easier to explore an area. You can do this by activating your character’s AR, which is what you use when highlighting an enemy or want to assess the fighting capabilities of a foe. When you use AR near cameras, you’ll see blue lines connecting to a specific location, where you can find the circuit board to them all off.

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When you approach the circuit board, it should be like any other interactable, and you can click on it to shut down all the cameras. You can tell the cameras have been shut off because they no longer have the red light shooting out from them. If you step into this light, you’ll be seen, and you can expect multiple guards to come after you.

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In our experience, the cameras are relatively straightforward to avoid. However, removing them from a stealth location can make it easier to avoid a fight if you’d rather not take on anyone right then. You’ll likely primarily do this for any required mission or if you’d rather avoid battling it out against the GCPD, who don’t drop anything useful or yield XP for your character while playing the game.