How crime investigations work in Gotham Knights

Put the clues together.

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While investigating a crime scene in Gotham Knights, you need to break down the various clues and figure out how they connect. The process is not entirely straightforward, but the character from the Bat Family you’re playing might be able to help you figure things out and what you need to do. Here’s what you need to know about how crime investigations work in Gotham Knights.

What to do at crime investigations in Gotham Knights

When you interact with a crime scene, you will enter a first-person view of the crime scene. There will be multiple evidence points that you can highlight with your character, and they will have a magnifying glass above them, meaning they could be important pieces of evidence. We recommend going through every item in this area to highlight them all.

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Once you’ve highlighted every evidence piece, read each of them as they can narrow down clues to help you figure out how they might work together. For example, while exploring Dr. Langstom’s workplace, you’ll be trying to open up his secret door. After finding all the evidence, you’ll need to connect how the various numbers could be an input for any nearby devices that might open up the door.

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For the Dr. Langstom investigation, you needed to highlight the phone number on the desk and the microwave. The area code for the phone number was the code you put on the microwave to open the door.

However, if you find all the pieces of evidence and cannot see the solution, you can choose to solve this part and advance the quest quickly. You’ll be doing this for side activities while you explore Gotham City, but these are far less advanced.