How to unlock and complete Secret Caches in Gotham Knights

No more secrets in Gotham.

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Secret caches are chests containing an assortment of upgrades in Gotham Knights. These chests don’t unlock until later in the campaign and are considered a side activity. Gotham Knights features numerous gear sets and items each hero can equip or craft. This guide will explain how to unlock and complete Secret Caches in Gotham Knights.

How to unlock Secret Caches in Gotham Knights

To unlock the Secret Cache activity in Gotham Knights, you must play through the campaign until you get a message to visit Harley Quinn in Blackgate Prison. After you complete this story mission, you must return to the Belfry to advance the story and progress to the next night patrol.

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When this night begins, you will have numerous activities and main quests you can choose to pursue. Access the Batcomputer, then select the Side Activities category. You can choose Secret Cache to track them on the map. Once you reach the first Secret Cache, you must follow the next steps to open it.

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How to open Secret Caches in Gotham Knights

Once you arrive at the location, you’ll notice a pressure plate you can analyze on the ground. Stand on this plate and hold the activation button to begin the time trial challenge.

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A string of blue lights will appear in front of the pressure plate. Once you run into the first emitter, a timer will begin, and you must reach each emitter before the time runs out. If you’re successful, a chest icon will appear near the last emitter you reached. Grapple to the platform with the chest icon, then open it to claim the Secret Cache.

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These Secret Cache activities will grant a large number of experience points, high-quality gear, and audio logs left behind by Bruce Wayne. These audio logs will detail some of his early years in Gotham.