How customization will work in Ghost of Tsushima

Customize the look of your Ghost.

Screengrab via Suckerpunch

During the State of Play video for Ghost of Tsushima, developer Suckerpunch gave viewers an exclusive look at many of the gameplay details of the upcoming title set to release on July 17 for the PlayStation 4. A highlight of the live stream was the look of how customization will work in the game.

You won’t be able to modify too much how the main character looks, Jin. However, you will be able to alter his armor and how they assist you. The customization options will vary on the charms you place on Jin’s armor. These charms increase his combat capabilities and stealthiness, among several other details that will affect the overall gameplay experiences in Ghost of Tsushima.

These charms will take time to develop, and these heavily change what certain armor pieces do for Jin. The armor you wear in the game also influence what type of playstyle you have with Jin. If you prefer to follow the Ghost traditions and remain in the shadows, you will likely wear masks, with numerous ropes and tools attached to your armor. For those who prefer combat, you may see slicker pieces of armor protecting JIn, alone with

The colors of the armor do not need to remain the same, either. You can change the color of Jin’s armor by finding dye flowers. These flowers are scattered all over the world, and you can find them in several locations. When you approach them, the different dye flowers give you access to new colors.

These are some of the many customization options coming to Ghost of Tsushima. We can expect to see how you can modify Jin’s look as you progress through the game.