What are Loaded Dice in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

These dice are loaded, alright….

Image via Riot Games

In Teamfight Tactics (TFT), it’s all about cleverly making the strongest builds while also playing a sort of gambling game against the game’s innate RNG. One of the most game-changing items in TFT is Loaded Dice, a somewhat rare item that can turn a losing game around in a single lucky round, but it does have to be pretty darn lucky for that to happen. So, what are these magical dice and how can you use them to win?

How do they work?

Loaded Dice are a unique item in TFT that you can use to open a new shop based on the trait types of one designated unit. For example, if you place Loaded Dice on a Warwick, a new shop will reroll for free that’s filled with Chemtech and Challenger-type units. However, the shop will be completely randomized, so there is no guarantee that they will be any of the champions you want. You may be looking for Lissandra, more Warwick units, an Urgot, even, but you could just end up with a Camille, a Twitch, and all the Quinns that no one bought. So, while being very useful, the item is ultimately a gamble.

Where do you get them?

Loaded Dice can only be obtained in one of two ways: either it can be randomly dropped from loot orbs you get during monster rounds (Krugs, Wolves, etc.) or you can get them from a Hextech Augment. The Hextech Augment in question is called High Roller, where you gain two Loaded Dice and four gold. Outside of Set 6, though, they also have been found in Armories, and once Set 6 is over, that might become the case again.

Best uses

Now, you’ve gotten yourself a Loaded Dice. How can you use it best? Well, there are some tricks to Loaded Dice, and it mostly depends on what you’re building.

So, if you’re building a one-cost-heavy build, use the Loaded Dice as early as possible (level 4 or 5, if you can chance it, before you start using your cash to boost you in levels) and try to only use it on your carry units or ones that are almost three-star golds. It should help you get that all-gold team that one-cost builders dream of.

If you’re building a standard-rolling Prismatic build that relies on getting a lot of one type of unit (think Innovators, Challengers, Arcanists), then you want to use it roughly during the mid-game to late-game so you can get a wide variety to try to fill out your roster. The closer you are to all seven/eight units, the better.

When it comes to late-game builds, though, that rely on Jayce, Tahm Kench, etc., try to wait to use the Loaded Dice until it’s much later in the game, say level 8. Obviously, if you’re in danger you should use them to save your butt, but if you can manage to save the dice until late-game, you could basically use them as a gambling version of Neeko’s Help. This gives you a chance to try to get two-star silver versions of your 5-cost units. After all, silver 5-cost units are easily some of the strongest units in Set 6, and having one could turn your losing board into one of the strongest threats in the game.