How do Lifepaths work in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 inform how your own personal main character, V, got to where they are in the world. Your Lifepath covers your story before the game’s story begins. The Lifepath you pick gives affect how your game starts. There are three options to pick from, all of which will inform how your game plays out.

  • Street Kid
  • Nomad
  • Corpo

Street Kid

A Street Kid grew up in the real Night City, at ground level, down in the dirt and the grime with the real people. Gangs, violence, and drugs are a way of life. You have high friends in low places and are intimately aware of some of the darker aspects of life in Night City. You are at home with the gangs and the criminal elements, and when it comes to a street hustle, you can spot it coming a mile away.


Nomads live outside Night City. They are vehicle reliant, moving from place to place, but have small and close-knit communities and families. The early stages of a Nomad campaign will cover how and why you decided to move to Night City. Nomads are defined by their fierce independence and their ability to survive in the Badlands outside the City.


Corpo players will start their game as a corporate business type. You will have contacts with power and friends in high places, but you will stand out on the streets as someone who doesn’t belong. You will be at home with the double-dealing and backstabbing of corporate espionage. While the low lives of Night City might be a mystery to you, when it comes to the power players, you know how they are, how they think, and what they really want.

Your Lifepath won’t just impact how your game starts, it will also dictate different opportunities and dialogue options that will come your way as you play through the campaign. Not every Lifepath will lead to benefits, however. If you are a Street Kid dealing with a corporation, you will be a little out of your league, while the Corpo will have some insider knowledge the leads to extra options. It will be different for each mission, adding variety to each one, allowing for greater replayability and choice.