How does Daily Adventure Incense work in Pokémon Go? Answered

No PokéStop? No problem.

Image via Niantic

Since Pokémon Go’s launch, the main way of farming Pokémon — including some rare ones — has been to lay down some Incense at a PokéStop. Doing this causes Pokémon to spawn at higher rates than usual for 30 minutes at the aforementioned PokéStop. However, the catch is that you need a PokéStop to do this, and not everyone lives within comfortable traveling distance of one. Thankfully, the game’s free Daily Adventure Incense item fixes this by bringing the increased spawn rates to you. Here’s how this handy item works.

How Daily Adventure Incense works

Daily Adventure Incense is very similar to the regular Incense item, with the exception that it gets applied to you instead of a PokéStop. To use it, find it in your inventory and select it. Once activated, the rate at which Pokémon spawn around you will increase for 15 minutes, and you should see the incense swirling around your character in-game while it’s active. Additionally, the Daily Adventure Incense only works while you are actively moving, meaning you can’t remain idle if you want to reap the benefits of this item.

Image via Niantic

To get the item, you’ll need to visit the Research Page, where Rhi will give you your first Daily Adventure Incense. The item will disappear after using it once, but luckily, you’ll get a new one for free every day. It’s definitely an item worth using whether you’re looking to hunt some rare Pokémon, farm some candies, or simply want to add a little variety to your daily walk.

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It’s also worth noting that the Daily Adventure Incense is, at the time of writing, the only way to catch the Galarian versions of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. When using the item, there is a very slim chance that one of the legendary birds will appear, so be sure to remain vigilant if you plan on popping this item anytime soon.