How does Nomsy work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7.5?

Nomsy is best girl and we all know it.

Image via Riot Games

With blazing fireballs and a full belly, Nomsy was a favorite unit in Teamfight Tactics Set 7. Funnily enough, though, she wasn’t actually a unit, just a summoned creature. In Set 7.5, Riot Games brings Nomsy to our boards and makes her a full-fledged Dragon champion. Now, she’s the one doing the summoning. But if that sounds confusing, this article will help explain everything new about Nomsy to you in TFT.

What does Nomsy the Dragon do in TFT?

Nomsy, when just looking at her in-game abilities, is very similar to her Set 7 counterpart. She still vomits a huge fireball when her mana bar is full and she deals a huge amount of damage to the enemy with it. However, now you can put items on her and can upgrade her on your own. Instead of having more Trainer units on the board, you instead have to buy more Nomsy units to upgrade her levels. There are plus sides and downsides to this. While you don’t have to rely on upgrading Trainer units to get her bigger faster, it does mean that there’s no more Platinum Nomsy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How does the Prodigy trait work as of TFT Set 7.5?

When playing, think of the Prodigy trait as a shortcut to the old Trainer trait. Depending on the game, with this trait, Nomsy will randomly get the Cannoneer, Evoker, or Mage trait alongside her normal Prodigy and Dragon traits. This also denotes which Trainer unit will appear with her. Cannoneer will spawn a Tristana, Evoker will spawn a Lulu, and Mage will spawn a Heimerdinger. However, all the other traits of these Trainer units (like Lulu’s Mystic) do not travel over into Set 7.5.

Once you level up Nomsy to a silver/tier 2 champion, the Trainer alongside her will also level up. Much like Set 7’s Nomsy, these summoned Trainers cannot be given items.

Because of the randomness of her trait, Nomsy can fit into any Cannoneer, Evoker, or Mage build, depending on the game. Meanwhile, she’s also flexible enough to be a decent flux unit while you’re transitioning from one build to another.