How does Peaceful mode work in Sons of the Forest?

Enjoy a zen-like experience.

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Peaceful Mode is one of several difficulty options players can choose from in Sons of the Forest, but its actual purpose is vague and not described in the game at any point. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the popular survival cooperative experience, The Forest, and features a bevy of new additions and a much larger world to explore. Each difficulty option can significantly change the in-game experience and can’t be modified after you begin a campaign. This guide will explain what Peaceful mode does and how it works in Sons of the Forest.

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How Peaceful mode works in Sons of the Forest

Peaceful mode is one of four different difficulty options when creating a new game in Sons of the Forest. The four options are as follows, Normal, Hard, Peaceful, and Custom. Peaceful mode has all of the rules from the Normal preset, which includes factors such as how many resources you can collect and how much hunger and thirst can adversely affect your character. The most prominent aspect that Peaceful mode changes is removing dangerous cannibals roaming the forest and underground caves.

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Peaceful mode is essentially there to give players a less stress-inducing time in Sons of the Forest, as these cannibals will attack your base, harass you and cause all manner of grief to your experience. This is an excellent mode for players who want to learn the nuances of survival mechanics and don’t want to deal with combat. Be careful, however, as this doesn’t eliminate aggressive animals such as sharks.

How to turn on Peaceful mode in Sons of the Forest

Peaceful mode can be selected after you hit New Game in either single player or multiplayer from the main menu.

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Remember, once this difficulty is selected, you cannot change it. This is an excellent mode for learning the game, and you can always start a new save once you have learned how to survive and want to experience some combat against a local cannibal or two.