How does Weapon Resonance work in Tower of Fantasty? Answered

Resonate with your favorite weapons.

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Weapon Resonance is a way to power up your character in Tower of Fantasy. Like many gameplay systems in Tower of Fantasy, you must play through the story before you can unlock the ability to try it yourself. Weapon Resonance will grant you several buffs and unique perks, which makes it an invaluable skill to learn. This guide will explain how Weapon Resonance works in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to unlock Weapon Resonance in Tower of Resonance

Like other gameplay systems in Tower of Fantasy, you must progress the story by completing main story quests to unlock it. When you reach chapter two, several new functions will become available. Exploration rewards, armor upgrades, and Weapon Resonance are just the tip of the iceberg of new systems at your disposal. To access Weapon Resonance, access the weapon page via the in-game options. Select the new Benediction button shown below.

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After you select this new option, you will be brought to the Weapon Resonance screen.

How Weapon Resonance works in Tower of Fantasy

Now that you can access the Weapon Resonance screen, you can begin empowering your characters and weapons. Weapon Resonance will grant your character new abilities and stat boosts based on your equipped weapons. Each weapon has one of three tags, DPS, Defense, and Support. Different combinations of these weapon tags will grant specific perks. These are the four Resonance Effects and what they do.

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  1. Balance: Equip one of each type of weapon. This will increase final damage and damage reduction by 5% and shatter and healing effects by 20%. In team play, increase final damage and damage reduction by 20%.
  2. Fortitude: Equip at least two defense weapons to activate this effect. Increase damage reduction by 25%, shatter by 60%, and aggro by 800%. In team play further boost damage reduction by 20%.
  3. Attack: Equip at least 2 DPS-type weapons to activate. Increase final damage by 10%, which is increased to 40% in team play.
  4. Benediction: Equip at least two support-type weapons to activate. Increase healing by 100%, which is increased by another 100% in team play.

Use Weapon Resonance and create weapon loadouts complimenting your play style in Tower of Fantasy.