How to emote as Groot at a Friendship Monument in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Friends forever.


As one of Groot’s Awakening Challenges, you will need to emote as Groot at a friendship monument in the game. The friendship monument is actually the Pipe Man and the Hay Man giving each other a high five, so it is nice to see friendship is alive and well in Fortnite.

The first thing you will need to do is equip the Groot skin, which you can unlock at Level 38 of the Battle Pass. You’ll need to hit Level 46 before getting this challenge, so you will definitely have the skin. Make your way to the point marked on the map below, and perform an emote.

You don’t need to do anything else, a simple emote will get the job done and unlock the Rocket Racoon special emote that Groot can get. The emote is amazing, as Rocket Racoon will fly around Groot on the lookout for enemies and threats. He doesn’t actually do anything, but it is a really nice touch for the skin.

All the heroes in the game this season have similar Awakening Challenges that will unlock a built-in emote that performs some form of special function. You will normally get access to the Awakening Challenges for each skin 5-6 Battle Pass levels after unlocking them.

And that’s not all, there are also secret Silver, Gold, and Holo Foil skins that you can unlock after you finish the main Battle Pass. As such, there is a lot for players to do before the season wraps up on November 30.