How to find and destroy a Gorger in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 – Gorger Location

A tough fight.


Gorgers in Fortnite are Galactus’ vanguard. They have started to appear in the game, bringing death and destruction where ever they go. These mechanical menaces might catch you unaware if you come across them during a game. You could also need to track them down for a weekly challenge, or to complete a Punch Card.

How to find a Gorger

Gorgers will spawn in locations marked by a thin beam of red light coming down from the sky. This can be hard to spot but keep an eye out for it while you run around the map. If you wish, you can grab a Choppa and try to hunt them down that way. They are large, black and red machines, so are easy to spot.

They can spawn anywhere on the map, so always be on the lookout for them, but you can find all their possible spawn locations here.

How to destroy a Gorger

You can only damage a Gorger in a few places, all of which will glow. Their main eye, which they use to fire powerful lasers at you, is a place you can hit them all the time, but they will occasionally glow yellow on their shoulders, allowing you to do damage there.

They will also spawn smaller robots that do less damage but can just as easily kill you if you don’t take them out. When these are destroyed, they will fall to the ground and explode after a short amount of time. If you pick them up before they explode you can wield them as a weapon. They have two firing modes, a regular shot, and a charged shot. The charged shot will use up all ammo but will do considerable damage to the Gorger.

You will need to be careful while fighting the Gorger, as it takes a little while to defeat, and you will be at the whim of any other player who passes by if you don’t see them first. Just aim for the weak spots, use the alien weapons when it drops, and find cover and heal up if you need to.