How to Find & Defeat the Elphidran Boss in Palworld

Elphidran is your one way ticket to getting a Dragon flying mount pretty early on in Palworld. But first, you need to find it.

Elphidran Palworld

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Fighting bosses is one of the most exciting parts of Palworld. After all, it’s the only way to get rare Pals like Elphidran early on in the game.

These battles introduce you to exclusive Pals with a fixed moveset and a higher level. Needless to say, putting them down — or inside a sphere, for that matter — won’t be easy. Elphidran is one of the first dragon bosses you’ll run into in the game, and they do make it hard for you to beat them. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find, beat, and catch Elphidran in Palworld.

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Elphidran Location in Palworld

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Elphidran can be found in the center island of the Palapagos Islands in Palworld. The exact coordinates are X:48 and Y:-288, and the closest fast-travel waypoint is Hypocrite Hill, which has an aggressive name for no reason.

To find them, head west from the Hypocrite Hill waypoint, climb up the steep hill and you should be able to spot them way beneath you. A glider (or a huge glider, too) will come in handy to come down and fight him.

How to Beat & Catch Elphidran in Palworld

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Elphidran is a level 30 dragon pal in Palworld. To beat them, build a team of ice-type pals that are over level 25 and bring your top-notch gear and weapons.

Based on their looks, you’d think Elphidran would be a water pal, and that’s why I mistakenly brought a bunch of electric-type pals. This team was wiped immediately. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did. A Penking, Chillet, or Sweepa are great team members to take down Elphidran in Palworld.

When Elphidran is weak enough, throw a Giga Sphere or Hyper Sphere their way to contain them. They repelled my first two Hyper Spheres despite having almost no HP, so expect some resistance from them.

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Elphidran has five basic moves in Palworld:

  • Dragon Cannon: Unleashes an energy ball toward you. Simply roll to one side.
  • Flare Arrow: Fires three fire arrows your way. Roll backward twice.
  • Draconic Breath: breathes fire toward you or your Pal for around 3 seconds. Avoid it by rolling continuously to one side or backward.
  • Mystic Whirlwind: unleashes two tornados your or your Pal’s way. Avoid it by rolling backward until the tornados don’t follow you anymore.
  • Dark Quake: slams the ground near you with darkness. Dodge this attack sideways.

Once you’ve got Elphidran’s moves figured out, it’s hard to lose this boss battle. Just make sure to stay on your toes and switch Pals whenever they’re below 25% HP. I managed to take Elphidran down at level 25, and all it took was several tries, and two lost Hyper Spheres that I’ll never get back.

Want an Aqua Elphidran? Breed a Surfent and a regular Elphidran to get an exclusive, impossible to find in the wild Pal.

    If you’re closer to level 30 and have upgraded your chances to catch Pals, you’ll probably get there with lower leveled spheres.