How fishing works in Far Cry 6

Fishing a good way to pass the time.

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Hunting down animals on Yara in Far Cry 6 is an excellent way to obtain their precious resources and turn in for materials that you can take back to your workbench for your weapons. Of course, you’ll be able to find various animals on land, but there are also fish roaming around the many bodies of water on Yara. This guide details how fishing works in Far Cry 6 and tips you want to keep in mind to catch some of the tougher bounties in the game successfully.

You’ll need to wait to do some fishing until you’ve completed work for one of the local fishermen on the starting island. When you finish that mission, you’ll receive a fishing pole and unlock it to begin fishing. You can modify your fishing pole at a workbench to equip specific bait if you’re going for certain fish.

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When you’re ready to begin fishing, you’ll be able to access your fishing pole using the weapon wheel. You’ll find it on the bottom left of the wheel. Once you have your fishing pole out, you can then cast your line into the water, which you use with the right trigger on your controller.

With your line out in the water, you need to lure the fish to your fishing line. You can do this by keeping your line still for several seconds and then using the left trigger to reel the line in just a little bit. You mostly want to move it a few inches, stop, and wait for the fish to approach. You should see them rushing through the water to your line’s location. Once a fish bites, hold down the right trigger, and you can hook the fish.

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The next step to catching a fish is tiring them out. You can do this by moving your rod to the left and right and holding down the left trigger to pull them closer to shore. It would help if you balanced moving your fishing rod to the left and right against them to tire them out and pulling your line in without breaking it. To do this, watch the line and listen for the strain on your pole. If your line is turning red, it’s beginning to stray and about to break. You want to let go of the line and let the fish move a bit before pulling on the line again.

There will be times where the fish won’t be fighting, and those are the perfect opportunities to pull in your lure. You’ll catch your fish once it arrives at your location, and you remove it from the water. You want to take those to the