How to get infinite bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – duplication glitch

It was always gonna happen.

Bells are essential in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, and a large part of the game is spent grinding for them. If you enjoy that aspect of the game, then be aware that the glitch we will detail here will largely destroy that aspect of the game.

Youtuber AbdallahSmash026 has discovered a duplication glitch for the game, allowing you to duplicate a high-value item that you can then sell to the Nooks.

The glitch involves two players, but you can do it solo by setting up another resident on your island and controller them at the same time as your main character. You can set up a new user on the Nintendo Switch, then just set up their town in the game, and you will get an app on your Nook Phone called “Call Resident,” which will allow you to play in local coop. Using your JoyCon controllers, you can control both characters.

You will also need the following items:

  • Wooden mini-table or a cardboard box from when you move in
  • Nintendo Switch item from when you first start the game.

Set up the table outside, and place the Switch item on top of it. One of the characters will grab the table and rotate it by holding A and then moving the analog stick to the side. Right as they do this, the other player will grab the item off the table. One copy of the item will end up in your inventory, while the original item remains on the table.

You can then do this over and over again, filling your inventory, then bringing all the items to the Nooks and selling them. Just make sure to hold on to the original item, as you want to keep at least one of them to make your house look nice.

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