How to get the Restless Shell, Tomb Rider Sparrow, and Wrap Speed Ship in Festival of the Lost 2020 – Destiny 2

Lots of spooky prizes.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Festival of the Lost 2020 has arrived, which means the Haunted Forest and Eva Levante have also come back. You can visit Eva to get all manner of cool rewards during this event, including the Restless Shell, Tomb Rider Sparrow, and Wrap Speed Ship.

If you want to finish up all the Triumphs for this event, you will need to get all three of them. This means spending plenty of time in the Haunted Forest, gather up all the resources that you will need to get them.

You will need to complete Haunted Forest runs and collect plenty of Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins if you want to get the three items, so if you are not worried about the Triumphs it is best to focus on getting the one you like the most first, just in case you have less time to spend in the game over the coming weeks that you think.

Restless Shell

To get the Restless Shell you will need to give Eva 200 Candy.

Tomb Rider Sparrow

The Tomb Rider Sparrow will set you back 300 Candy.

Wrap Speed Ship

The Warp Speed Ship will set you back 500 Candy, the most expensive of them all.

To get Candy you will need to complete runs in the Haunted Forest, and you can also finish Daily and Weekly bounties that you can collect from Eva in the Tower.