How Gunsmith Weapon Tuning works in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Have your attachments match your play-style.

Image via Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith brings an absurd level of customization that fans of the series have never seen previously. Not only are players now able to share attachments between guns, but they can also tune how a range of attachments function. That said, this brand new Weapon Tuning feature is not available instantly after heading into multiplayer. Here’s how to unlock and use Weapon Tuning in MW2’s multiplayer.

How to use Weapon Tuning in the Gunsmith for the MW2 Multiplayer

Weapon Tuning is an exclusive feature that can only be used once a weapon has reached its max level. You will then find a “Tune” button prompt next to your gun’s best equipped attachments, allowing you to change their characteristics. For instance, as shown below, the Edge-47 Grip underbarrel is known by default to supply additional aiming stability and recoil control, though it sacrifices some of a weapon’s Aim Down Sights Time to do so. With Weapon Tuning, you can change how impactful these effects are, as its two adjustable sliders increase or decrease the attachment’s properties.

Image via Infinity Ward

To better assist you with tuning the attachment, the radar graph at the center will alter depending on how these sliders are positioned. If one of its points inches closer to an attribute, this means that particular attribute will be noticeably increased. So, if you find the graph is closest to the mobility attribute, anticipate your movement and aiming speed to receive a boost from your tuning. Meanwhile, the graph in the bottom-right corner displays how your tuning will have an impact on your weapon’s overall characteristics.

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Once you’ve found the perfect combination of tuned attachments, you should then turn your focus onto the weapon’s appearance. Modern Warfare 2 restores Mastery Camo challenges into the multiplayer, ultimately allowing gunners to earn valuable weapon skins such as Gold and Platinum. However, most will likely gravitate toward unlocking Polyatomic and Orion Camos, as these are considered to be the best possible skins guns can sport.