How long is a day in Sons of the Forest

How many minutes til the day is over?

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As you delve deeper into the spine-chilling landscape of Sons of the Forest, you’ll quickly learn that timing is everything. Every move you make, every step you take, could mean the difference between life and death. With danger lurking around every corner and terror lurking in the shadows, timing is critical to make it out of the forest in one piece. So if you want to find out how long an in-game day takes in Sons of the Forest, you’ve come to the right place.

How many hours do days last in Sons of the Forest?

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Time plays by its own rules in most video games. In Sons of the Forest, an in-game minute is less than three seconds in the outside world. This means that a single day in-game lasts around 60 minutes in real life. Of course, these time quirks are subject to change as the game is still in early access. It’s always wise to keep your wits about you in this ever-shifting landscape. 

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The time correlation in Sons of the Forest is utterly different from that of The Forest. A day in The Forest lasts just over 36 minutes, with 24 minutes of sunlight and a mere 12 minutes of nighttime to test your mettle. And should you fall in battle, the game will tally up your survived days, reminding you of how fleeting life can be in this savage landscape.

But why did the devs decide to make days longer in Sons of the Forest? While days played a vital mechanic in The Forest, the passing of days is seemingly irrelevant in Sons of the Forest. Instead, players are meant to focus on the passing of seasons and how they affect the environment, similar to the weather conditions in the original The Forest. Another reason might be the size of the map. Sure, they both take place on an island. But Sons of the Forest has a bigger map and offers more variety than the original game. Thus, having longer days give players more time to explore what the landscape has to offer.